Brands & Vendors


Golden Pineapple looks to collaborate with like-minded brands for events and products. There are no limits to the types of products and services we look to add to our experiences. 

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Bruja Kombucha

Locally brewed by head witch, Celia, Bruja Kombucha offers a variety of tasty and nutritious flavors. 


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Hemp Kettle Tea

Local tea blender, Minna, started Hemp Kettle Tea in order to bring nutrient rich teas to the DMV area. Organic Canadian hemp seed is found in every blend and is a source of protein, omega fatty acids, and more to support heart health and beyond.

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tonic & Elixir


Khamsa Tonic and Elixir was created in a kitchen in Northwest Washington, DC with all natural ingredients aimed to provide  daily immunity boosting protection and a natural alternative to over the counter drug medications. The ingredients in Khamsa have been used for centuries to promote optimum health. Spices imported from Marrakech provide unique anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that aid the body in fighting off germs and invasive pathogens, especially in the cold months and during flu season. Enjoyed regularly, Khamsa has proven to be a bonafide preventative beverage specifically designed to keep your body functioning in balance and harmony.

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Southeastern Roastery

Southeastern Roastery, the coffee brand of Southeastern Roast and Brewery, started in 2016 with roots in Isle of Wight, Virginia and Washington D.C. Beautifully southern, it is committed to promoting the cultural exchange, open dialogue, and collective creativity that coffee communion has historically and internationally nurtured. Southeastern Roastery unabashedly continues in this warm tradition by offering fresh, high quality, specialty coffees and sharing inspiring roasts in love.


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Lead by Chef Erricus out of DC, Brothers creates sauces for Golden Pineapple infusions and dishes. Brothers was founded by Chef Erricus and his business partner Jim to provide a positive role model  for young men and accessibility to affordable nutritious food for everyone. 




Odd Mojo

Local rapper and all-around bad ass chick Odd Mojo writes female positive lyrics. Odd Mojo describes her genre of music as Hip-Hop/Rap, with a dark gritty vibe, and has a boom bap old school sound. Her biggest influences come from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop including Biggie, 2Pac, MC Lyte, and A Tribe Called Quest. Wordplay and flow influences include Princess Nokia, Vince Staples, Tyler the Creator, Kid Cudi, and Kendrick Lamar.  



Branding & STRATEGY

The Why Creative

Using mindful techniques The Why Creative connects brands with designers, photographers, and more to develop impactful branding strategies. And yes they did connect us with designers for the Golden Pineapple logo!


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The Omi Collective

Curating space, classes, and experiences The Omi Collective showcases art from local artists.